Gotta Have Faith

I hate exercising. Exercise is what I do with my freedoms, not my body. However, the summer of 2015 we were on our annual trip to the PNW and we did a strenuous hike up Mt. Rainier. It was gratifying, beautiful, and exhausting. Since then any physical exercise has been compared to that hike, and … Continue reading Gotta Have Faith



I tend to get bored easily. I don't believe it's an ADHD thing, or that it's necessarily a negative trait. I just enjoy to change direction, pace, or attention while working on something. It's how God created me. For example, when I clean I start washing dishes in scalding hot water, because I know that … Continue reading Obey


We purchased our Experiencing God books at church one Sunday, and when my husband handed me mine I looked at it and thought, "THIS IS IT?!" I immediately thought about the church quarterly that we received when I was in middle school. The cover of the book was so outdated to me. It annoyed me. Why … Continue reading Pride