Faith Part 2

  Faith. It's a concept I've felt very strongly about understanding. Something, I believe, in order  to know God even deeper; I must first understand the faith I have in Him. I was doing a devotional and I came across this: But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, my power is … Continue reading Faith Part 2


Faith Part 1

As I began to blog today I realized that I need to give some background on why the scriptures God has given to me recently pertain to what I am discussing about faith. In 2013 I miscarried. It happened five days after I found out I was pregnant, and I was devastated. For people that … Continue reading Faith Part 1


I tend to get bored easily. I don't believe it's an ADHD thing, or that it's necessarily a negative trait. I just enjoy to change direction, pace, or attention while working on something. It's how God created me. For example, when I clean I start washing dishes in scalding hot water, because I know that … Continue reading Obey