God at Work in Your Love Relationship

Through my first round in Experiencing God He had me focus very much on my love relationship with Him. By the end I knew I was called to so much more than how I was currently living. I needed to allow God to do the work through me.

Currently I am about to finish Unit 3, and oh my how He has been working in my life. Not just through my daily study in Experiencing God. Since March 1st I have been reading through different books in the Bible. I am over half way through Hebrews after reading John for lent. Through these studies I started feeling called to foreign missions, and I truly believe one day God will in fact take me out of this country on a long term mission.

However, for now God is developing my character for that assignment. I’ll be going on a trip in October, and recently while using my gift for encouragement I was asked to serve in 3 separate ministries in our church. At first the thought of serving in so many ministries when I currently already serve every Sunday seemed overwhelming. Then I remembered I am not the one working.

Below is a few of the God stories that He has used to help me realize His will for my life.

Moses, Mary of Bethany, and the story of a boy named Rabi. I read about Rabi’s life growing up in Trinidad as a Hindu in the 60’s and 70s. (Death of a Guru is an AMAZING book).

I hope that through me sharing you can come to see God is still at work in our lives, but only when we join Him where he’s at work. He might not be calling you to serve in so many ministries at church, but I guarantee you He has somewhere He would like to work through you.

I pray you that you’re spending time with God each day growing your love relationship with Him.

It’s the most important thing you can do.


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