Seven Realities

So as I am sure you have figured out I am hardheaded. Apparently God has to tell me stuff a lot.

While I was completing Unit 1 Day 4 I was pointed to something different than I had been the first time.

First, When God’s about to something He reveals it to His people.* One way he does that is through His word. He cannot reveal something to me if I am not in His word. I would like to clarify that I do at the minimum a short devotional most day. However, God has called me to engage Him in daily readings directly from His word.

That’s something he revealed to me the first time I went through Experiencing God. I cannot know Him unless I am engaging His word.

Second, the seven realities from this study are legit.

The first time around I kept getting annoyed at the repetition of the realities. Today as I was studying the graphic, and applying each one to my currently life something clicked. (this may seem obvious to you)

Regardless of how we respond to God, He is constantly at work. His work never stops. At the same time He is working He is engaging us in a love relationship. How cool is that!

side note: God created man and woman in His image. Knowing God is working and engaging His children in a relationship is such a beautiful way God showed me how He made me in His image. As a mom I do this too. God and I are multitaskers!

Even though I’m hardheaded God can still use me, and I am ready to see what He reveals next.

*From Experiencing God



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