One Day at a Time

One element of going through a study with other people is human error. That’s what I am going to chalk the last week up to. It has been a pretty interesting week. I decided I was going to derail the study by just trying to do everything on my own.

And not meeting with God daily I got absolutely nowhere!

I made a promise to myself a few years ago I wouldn’t blog without first meeting with God. I never want my blog/study I’m leading to be about what I have to say, but what God is saying through me. So no Bible study for a week; no blog for a week.

I have evaluated everything, and know that God has called me to walk through Experiencing God again with a group of people. I am glad you have joined me flaws and all.

Today I want to discuss what God said to me the first time I did session one, and what he has said to me this second time around.

Unit 1 Day 1 Jesus is Your Way

In the past I have functioned very much on other believers guiding me through what God is saying to them. Though other believers can help me figure out what God is directing saying to me they cannot guide my life through their walk.

The most meaningful statement from the study when I went through it the first time was:
“You cannot depend on traditions, your experience, or others’ experiences to be accurate authorities on God’s will and ways.”*

It made me realize that I needed to engage God in what HE is saying to me; not others. I was overthinking the whole process.

This time through, God pointed out to me that the study is a great tool. That’s it. “The goal is not to finish this course but to have a life-transforming encounter with God.”* How am I suppose to have a life-transforming encounter with God? The only way is through realigning my life to His word. I don’t just read the scripture once a week, and then God lays out the next seven days leaving me to go about my life.

“He is much more likely to ask you to follow Him one day at a time than He is to spell out all the details before you begin to obey Him.”*

It’s truly amazing to me how the same information I read 6 months ago can be applied to my current life. Both from God’s word, and what God called Henry Blackaby to write. It’s clear that it isn’t me or Mr. Blackaby doing the work.

It’s God.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in Him, He will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

*excerpts from Experiencing God written by Henry&Richard Blackaby and Claud King




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