Decision Fatigue

A few weeks ago I read about decision fatigue. At first I was extremely interested in this "new" phenomenon. It's something that researchers have recently been studying. Ultimately it's the worsening of ones decisions after having to make multiple decisions. Maybe I struggle with decision fatigue. I mean I am a wife, mom, and woman making a … Continue reading Decision Fatigue


Be like Jesus

The Bible is alive, and always leading us to do God's will. Sometimes I feel like I use the Bible as the history book of Jesus, but it's definitely so much more. As I was doing day two of Experiencing God, God was burdening my heart with His son. Specifically His son in relation to His … Continue reading Be like Jesus


We purchased our Experiencing God books at church one Sunday, and when my husband handed me mine I looked at it and thought, "THIS IS IT?!" I immediately thought about the church quarterly that we received when I was in middle school. The cover of the book was so outdated to me. It annoyed me. Why … Continue reading Pride

The Word

Disclaimer: I LOVE reading christian help books (you should see my bookshelf), and highly recommend them to help encourage you in many different areas of your life. Yesterday I was standing in the marriage resource section of a christian book store reading covers and skimming chapters; trying to decide what book I would purchase to … Continue reading The Word