Giving it Up

Something that I have noticed in my marriage with my husband is that we have extremely great times both in bed and in life, but there is also the other side of that.

The bad times.

The times we wonder if trying to make it better is even worth it.

We look back like the day before and wonder where yesterday went.

Yesterday when we know how awesome we are doing, and how things are just right. We look at each other and say, “Man we are so great.” We build ourselves up, and begin to think we are unstoppable. We start wondering what we did to make things turn for the worse.

Then we start saying, “Why is God doing this to us?”
In reality he isn’t doing this to us.

He is allowing it to happen.

Why? Why does God allow things that we see as bad to happen?


Because God is always the hero. God is the reason the good is in our lives. God uses those down times to remind us to look up. God wants our lives to reflect HIS face.

I was reading tonight in Daniel about 3 guys who got thrown into a furnace. Man, can you imagine after being men seen in high regard what walking to the furnace must have felt like.

Shadrach looks over at Abendigo and says, “what happened yesterday we were hanging out in the Kings court chilling with Daniel.” Meshach just shrugs, and starts repeating in his head, “Surely God will take care of this.”

And he does!
In God’s perfect time he took all the glory and showed his amazing power over everything. Including the king and death

God is the hero of our stories.

Give him all the glory!


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