Do you truly love, or just have sex?

Can we really love our spouse or anyone in our lives if we do not have the saving grace of our Savior?


“… Whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1John 4:7-8

That truth speaks volumes of why our culture looks at sex the way it does. Loving others is something only a born again believer of God can do. I love my husband therefore I enjoy showing him in multiple ways. I cook dinner, attempt to clean house, and of course his favorite have sex.

Do we pour into the people we become intimately attached to, or do we just enjoy the few minute sensation? Do you work on the relationship first, and then get between the sheets? Have you repented and turned from the wicked ways of the world?

If you accept Christ there is no condemnation for your sins.

God will meet you where you are at. Are you the person pressuring someone to give into a relationship that they are not prepared for?

I think this video says it best. It really nails our culture and what sex has become. My favorite line is “you don’t have sex with a body you have sex with a soul.” How profound. Do you know the soul of the person you are having sex with. Have you studied their heart? The Psalmist pleads with God in Psalm 139:23 to search their heart. God loves us and wants to know us intimately, and we want him to search our hearts. Why wouldn’t we search the heart of others that we want to know intimately. How proud are we to think we can use each other’s bodies for our pleasure. Instead of the glory of God.

We are not on this earth for our glory.

We are here for God’s glory.


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