Why Be Ashamed?

I knew I would get apprehension from people and I knew I would need to be passionate, however I never thought people would be so apprehensive about God and sex.

GOD MADE SEX. Do you understand this? God created sex.

It says so in in Genesis 2:24

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”

How else do you think they become one flesh? They had sex.

Some people have said the way I talk about sex is a little off or the fact I use certain words. Well here are a few words for you, penis and vagina. Guess what? God made those too.

I feel that my tone is exactly what some people need to understand that sex is apart of our every day lives. We allow people on t.v. to talk about it and our children’s friends can talk about it. We should too. Why not discuss it in a way that God intended. Using his words and coming from someone that is married. Every time we turn around there is a new ad, show or product saying that sex is o.k. no matter where you are in life. Well it isn’t o.k. unless you are in a marriage.

The mentality that sex shouldn’t be talked about is part of the reason children have sex, people use sex as torture and marriages are ruined. If our children were more educate and WE were more educated there are so many things that could be fixed in our society.

Let’s stand up as Christians and talk. Let’s talk about sex.


One thought on “Why Be Ashamed?

  1. doccamom says:

    I happen to appreciate your tone very much. I spent much of weekend before last helping to facilitate a sexuality workshop for junior high kids at my church. It is shocking and very disconcerting how little they know but how much they think they know. I hate the words they use like “wang” but they can’t say “penis” without giggling. Then I rembered the pre-workshop meeting with their parents…and their parents can’t say it either! I teach human development for a living, and college students aren’t really any better. I don’t object to your content, tone, or vocabulary usage…keep it up!

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