Communicating “Holy Cow”

Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Well, at least we hope that we are using a common system.

In every encounter we have communication is at the center of how we express our feelings and ideas. How terrible would it be if I was never able to communicate my ideas and feelings to the ones I love most? In order to have a sex life you can be excited about communication is key.The use of communication starts in a romantic relationship way back in the friend stage. As things progress, there is conversation about what you expect out of the dating relationship. This is very important. Make sure whoever you are about to get into a relationship with knows where you stand on important issues, i.e. sex. This will make it easier to communicate as the relationship progresses. A lot of what I am going to discuss today is for people in a marriage, however please make note of these thing because it will make a difference for your marriage.

In marriage the lack of communication can cause some of the lamest arguments and the worst sex. My husband and I decided while we were still dating that we could express our thoughts and feelings in any situation; no matter the opinion of the other person. We could do so as long as we did it in a productive manner. This also translates into the bedroom.

When having sex if something doesn’t feel right or you don’t like something, TELL THEM! Don’t lay there and be uncomfortable the whole time. For those of you not married REMEMBER this. It is o.k. to tell your spouse that it doesn’t feel good. How else are they suppose to know. Also, little random thing, if something is funny, LAUGH! Having open communication and being able to laugh together can only make your sex life better. That open communication line goes for the good things too. Laying there you think, “Holy cow I wish he would do that again,” say it. He likes to know what make you feel good and his ego gets fed.

Please remember these things. If you aren’t married yet, put this tidbits in the marriage files. If you are married it is never too late to open those communication lines and be able to say “Holy Cow.”


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