Taking Care of Getting Laid

Talking to my husband about me blogging about sex was pretty interesting. He is totally supportive of the endeavor, but wants to make sure that between the covers is edited so that ALL of my many readers won’t know exactly how I get the “big O”. Well for this post at least he doesn’t have to worry.

I would also like to clarify some things before I really get into what I am told is something SOO BIG. I was a virgin and so was my husband when we got married. Was it an easy task not to rip off the clothes of my soon to be husband, no. Did I make it to my wedding date without knowing what a penis looked like, no. I did however wait to consummate a relationship that I hold very near and dear to my heart.

No one is perfect. BUT by the grace of God and our acceptance of him we can be made clean. Does that mean I believe you should go out tonight and sleep around until you look into the eyes of some stud muffin and say, “Yep, he is the one. It was just like she said MIND BLOWING.” NOOOOOO. Please do not do that.

 Am I saying if you mess up it’s ok, no. It is NOT ok to have any sexual relationship with any guy, no matter how much you think you love him, until you are married. Then when you are married it can be MIND BLOWING. However, if you do mess up and you are a child of Christ he will forgive you.

The married women are at the point now where they are thinking, “The only reason I am even reading this is because she said that sex can be good for me too.” Well guess what lady it can. Why don’t you start by putting on some make up. Ok, sorry that was the 1950s  coming out. No serious, put some dang make up on before you leave the house. I know it isn’t fun nor am I great at it, but doing the little things outside of the bedroom make you feel better about getting into the bedroom. Of course you don’t want to have sex, because you feel like you look half dead.

WAIT! Do not go to bed tonight with a full face of make up. The make up is so that the whole time you are sitting across from him at dinner he can think “DANG, where did she come from.” If you have sex most of the time after the kids go to bed and your pajamas are on that’s ok. Take the make up off.

Soap box quickly. Wash your face and brush your teeth before you go to bed. Your skin will look AMAZING after you are in the habit AND he will notice too. Brushing your teeth is also important. You know he doesn’t want to smell garlic breath. Sometimes, I feel sexiest right after I wash my face and brush my teeth. I guess what I am trying to saying is take care of yourself, so that you can TAKE CARE of yourself.

So, tomorrow when you get out of bed 10 minutes late, and you feel like it’s going to be another one of those days. Just put a little foundation, blush and mascara (which is all it takes) so you can hop into bed with your husband later. Not some random stud muffin.


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